1st Prize   ‘Gorge’ by Max Naylor  Medium: Ink on Paper Size: 660 x 1016mm Year created: 2016

1st Prize
‘Gorge’ by Max Naylor
Medium: Ink on Paper
Size: 660 x 1016mm
Year created: 2016

2nd Prize   ‘A-diccion’ by Paula Nahmod  Acrylic on canvas 78″ x 78″ 2015

2nd Prize
‘A-diccion’ by Paula Nahmod
Acrylic on canvas
78″ x 78″

3rd Prize   ‘Wiltshire Cul-De-Sac’ by Carole Tonge  Acrylic on canvas 82cm x 43cm 2016

3rd Prize
‘Wiltshire Cul-De-Sac’ by Carole Tonge
Acrylic on canvas
82cm x 43cm


Runners up

‘Pamela Newel Sellers’ by Leslie Watts

‘Yellow Caravan’ by Paul Crook

‘Fiona’ by Timothy Patrick

‘House (2)’ by Jarik Jongman

‘We Aint All Middle Class Bohemians’ by Laura Rosser

‘Caraili’ by Orlanda Broom

The winners of the inaugural Jackson’s Open Art Prize were selected from 3,100 submission entered by artists from all over the world. The mix of work submitted was eclectic, with landscapes, portraits, still lifes and abstract works united only by being 2D artwork (painting, drawing, printmaking, mixed media).

The judges on the panel had the unenviable task of choosing three winners from the shortlist of 54 outstanding entries. We feel that the winning artworks show the diverse nature of this year’s entries, from imagined landscapes to modern, abstract graffiti. The artworks were scored on a mixture of criteria, as judge Carlos De Lins explained: ‘I started looking at first the overall impact of the image in relation to its subject matter, then materials & technique, then subject matter again in relation to composition.

Amateur Prize winner

The winner of Jackson’s Amateur Prize and £600 worth of Jackson’s Gift Vouchers was decided by a public vote. Over 11,100 votes were cast on our Facebook voting tab and it was decided that ‘Inscriptions of the absence’ by Gabriela Lobato Ramos was the winner!


Inscripciones de la ausencia / Inscriptions of the absence’ by Gabriela Lobato Ramos
Medium: Painting and photography
Size: 60 x 40 cm
Year created: 2014


Amateur Runner's up

We shared the amazing runners-up in our Amateur Prize, so although they narrowly missed out in claiming the top spot, their work has been shared and seen by thousands. 

‘The Struggle’ by Jeanne Warren
Medium: Acrylic on Board
Size: 67 x 47 cm
Year created: 2015

‘Untitled’ by Alison Tubritt
Size: A4
Year created: 2016
Facebook: ArtByAlison

‘Swimming Free’ by Marion Burton
Medium: Coloured pencils
Size: A4
Year created: 2016
Facebook: ChemobrainArt

‘Merchant stone, weathered and worn’ by Peter McNair
Medium: Graphite
Size: 29 x 41 cm approx
Year created: 2015 Dec.


Early Entry Prizes

Each week the month before the competition closed. The Jackson's panel selected four entries for commendation. The Winner's received £100 or more worth of art materials. The four categories were chosen based on the four largest categories of entries.


‘Caraili’ by Orlanda Broom
Acrylic, resin and varnish on canvas
120cm diameter

Winner of Jackson’s Early Entry Award for Acrylic

£100 worth of Golden Artist Acrylics

"I’m very drawn to colour and take inspiration from trips I’ve made where the intensity of light and colour are something I want to try and recreate. I suppose, a bit like flowers, my paintings try to catch attention by using colour. And I want the paintings to feel quite indulgent or celebratory. However the painting should unfold the more you look at it and when the eye adjusts to what’s usually quite a busy composition there’s a more contemplative theme that belies the initial lure of colour."

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‘You Tell Me’ by Sal Jones
Oil Paint
50 x 50cm

Winner of Jackson’s Early Entry Award for Oil - ‘You Tell Me’ by Sal Jones

£100 worth of Winsor & Newton Oil Products

"I love the idea of creating something from nothing – seeing an image appear – something fascinating and satisfying at the same time. I’ve always made things – from a young age, I was always sticking bits of paper down, cutting up things, sketching, colouring. I remember we had a couple of oil paintings up in the house, I grew up in, that my father had painted (it had been a hobby of his at some stage) and I thought it was amazing that my dad had painted these; so that may well have had an influence early on. My first foray into oil painting as a teenager was copying David Bowie album covers…. Then, of course, it was visiting galleries and seeing art exhibitions. Now I find inspiration everywhere really."

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‘Autumn Light’ by Helga Powell
Watercolour, Gouache and Pastel
Fabriano Artistico paper

Winner of Jackson’s Early Entry Award for Watercolour - ‘Autumn Light’ by Helga Powell

£100 worth of Winsor & Newton Watercolour products

"Working from observation and my own photography, this is a large scale work that monumentalises the small and humble hedgerow blackberry. By magnifying the fruit, its incredible structure is revealed and it takes on an almost planet like presence. The play of light that bounces off the fruit’s surface – the beautiful reds and blue, is staggering. The blackberry epitomises for me all the juicy fruitfulness of Autumn – its beauty and structure deserves to be celebrated!”

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‘Under Blackcap’ by Carlina Oliver
Soft Pastel on Paper
35 x 29cm

Winner of Jackson’s Early Entry Award for Soft Pastel - ‘Under Blackcap’ by Carlina Oliver

A Schmincke Handmade Soft Pastels set of 45 assorted pastels in a wooden box (worth £160)

"I have lived in Sussex most of my life with the glorious South Downs in view and, consequently, have an enormous fondness for them. My husband and  I also kept cattle, pigs, poultry and prize-winning sheep on our own small farm for many years, so I have a great affinity with the countryside. (I enjoy visiting towns, especially if a gallery visit is involved, but always notice a sigh of relief and a surge of excitement when the Downs come back into view.)"

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