Scott Naismith makes colourful and expressive work that captures the constantly shifting light of the Scottish landscape around him. His work has recently gained international acclaim following an exhibition at Gallery 13, Downtown Minneapolis; before this he exhibited across the UK. As well as receiving various prizes and awards for his work, Scott lectures part time at West College Scotland.


Acrylic and Oil
Scott Naismith

Danielle: What made you decide to become a professional painter? Did you have any other artists in your family who influenced you along this path?

Scott: For me, and many artists from what I have read, there wasn’t really a decision to be made. There was no member of my family showing any interest in art. Like most artists, I suppose I had a fairly independent mind. What was crucial was the encouragement of my family and those around me that I was talented and showed promise. In every year of my secondary education I was ‘1st in Art’. I spent much of my spare time drawing and painting and attended Glasgow School of Art Summer classes for 4 years between ages 12-16. I decided I would go to art school around age 11. I never really worried or deliberated over it much, however my parents did worry if I would be ‘good enough’.

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