Opportunity Overview

Do you love using materials and want to start sharing your work with a supportive community? We'd love to see what you've been making! Enter your work to the Jackson’s Amateur Artist Prize for the chance to win up to £250 worth of art materials! Whether you’ve just started out, occasionally make things or have been making work for years, we want to showcase your art.  

This international, online competition is not open to professional artists or artists who have already won significant prizes and awards for their work – only amateurs. To qualify as an amateur, individuals should not earn more than 50% of their annual income from their artworks, however as many professional artists do not earn that percentage, we expect you to self-identify appropriately. Further, as this is a competition for amateurs, entrants must declare any connection with a commercial art associate or organisation when entering. Although this will not automatically exclude an entrant, Jackson’s will consider any conflict of interest and reserves the right to exclude an entry on that basis. Entrants must be 16 years of age or older.

This opportunity is free to enter and is for 2D Fine Art practices (painting, drawing, printmaking) only. 



The opportunity is structured to celebrate as many artists as possible, meaning we’ve created as many prizes as we can! During the entry period a submission a day will be shared on our Facebook page, meaning even if you don't win we might share your work.

Artist can submit up to 5 works.

6 Medium-based Prizes: £200 Jackson’s Art Gift Voucher each

Winners chosen by Jackson's Judging Panel


10 People’s Choice Awards: £50 Jackson’s Art Gift Voucher each

Winners determined by public vote - the 10 artworks with the highest number of votes wins



Key Dates

Entries open: 9am, 1st July 2018

Entries close: 11:59pm, 31st August 2018

Public voting opens: 4th September 2018

Public voting closes: 11:59pm, 23rd September 2018

All winners announced: 25th September 2018


Entry Advice

Photograph your work straight on in a clear, well and naturally lit space. Wait for a nice sunny day and photograph your work in a bright room or outside. Make sure the camera is exactly parallel to your work, there is no glare or shine on the paint and you can't see your shadow.

Crop the image of your work down to JUST the artwork. This means crop out the mount and frame round your work (unless its intrinsic to the piece e.g. the painting flows onto the frame), the wall/surface your work is displayed on, your sofa etc. The image you submit should be the kind of image you could make a reproduction print from. 

Images of artwork must be at least 1000px wide (with a resolution of at least 72px per inch). The maximum jpeg file size is 3MB. Artwork with a copyright stamp or watermark on it will not be accepted.

If your submission does not meet the above standards (e.g. the image is dark or blurry, it is not cropped correctly or the file is too small), it will be disqualified from the competition.


Competition Terms and Conditions

Please click here to read our full terms and conditions before entering.


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