'Gather' by Angela Bell
Oil on gesso panel

3rd Prize – Winner of £500 Cash & £500 worth of Jackson’s Art Gift Vouchers

‘Gather’ by Angela Bell

‘The current body of work consists of small scale oils, exploring the themes of origins and belonging. My work is developed from the source material of found photographs, which I obtain from a variety of sources. The selection process when choosing images to use as a starting point is based on composition, character and nostalgic recognition. In my work I look not to dictate a specific meaning but rather to prompt either some form of recognition or inspire curiosity and for the viewer to determine their individual narrative. When painting I create a detailed study in oil then through a process of working back in to the surface and exploring marking making techniques, I distort, eliminate and manipulate the image to create a visual balance. These personal depictions of people’s lives have been retrieved and revived in the form of intimate oils. A rare group piece, this image uses negative space as a technique to create a focal point and lead the viewer in their engagement with the image.’

Judge's Comments (Catharine Davison): I find this artists work intriguing. I have looked at her instagram account and this is a good example of the work. Her description of the process is interesting and i like her use of found photographs which she brings to life through the painting process- both additive and reductive. A stand out entry. The flecks of colour- although I do not know what they are seem to add something.

Oil on gesso panel

Website: http://www.instagram.com/angebellart/

Angela Bell
Oil on Gesso Panel
25 x 25cm

Lisa: Where do you find the photographs and how do you select what you are going to paint?

Angela: I have been collecting photographs for a number of years from sources including flea markets, charity shops, and online. The key factors I look for are composition, character and nostalgic recognition. I much prefer the physical experience of rootling around in a box of photos than clicking on a site; there’s something quite exciting about the prospect of what I will find! I have managed to accumulate quite a haul over the years and it’s still growing! My next body of work is usually a bit of a surprise until I open the boxes and just spend time looking at various images and responding to not only the visual images but also to the subtle changes and experiments going on within my process.

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