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Ann Oram trained at Edinburgh College of Art (ECA). After her post-graduate year and Andrew Grant Scholarship to France and Italy, Ann returned to ECA to lecture in the Painting school. Ann has exhibited across the UK and has work included in many public and private collections across the world. Her work spans many themes and is drawn together by her use of colour and distinct mark making. More of Ann's work


Christmas Fruit on an Indian Cloth
mixed media and gold leaf
58 x 77 cms
Ann Oram

Lisa: What subject matter do you most like to paint and why?  

Ann: That’s difficult! I’m fairly general in that I don’t keep to one subject. I love Still life and flowers. Also architecture is coming into the frame much more. Especially churches. Interiors and exteriors.  I’ve been working on Edinburgh cathedrals this year. And I do love the landscape. The winter landscapes are beginning to appear now; and in the Scottish Borders, they are stunning. Can’t wait until the ground is more frosted or even a spot of snow!! 

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