Frequently Asked Questions:

Answers to frequently asked questions can be found here. We will be adding questions to this page as we go along, so it is by no means a definitive list. If you have a question that is not on this list, please email for help.


How can I register?

If you hover over the header 'SUBMIT YOUR WORK' and click ‘ENTER’ there will be a link on that page that will take you to the competition registration page for you to create an account. Once you have made an account you will be able to enter. If you have trouble entering please view our Step-by-Step blog post.

Can I submit more than one artwork?

Each artwork has a submission fee of £5 and you can submit up to a total of 5 artworks.

When is the last day for submission?

16th March 2018

How do I pay for my entry?

Once you have clicked the ‘Submit entry’ button you will be directed to your cart where you can then proceed to payment. Payment is made via PayPal, if you do not have a PayPal account you can choose the ‘guest checkout’ option.

Can I submit a piece of work that has already sold?

No, as the work needs to be available to be posted to us if it makes the shortlist. Also, we will require a photo of the winner standing in front of their painting for publicity purposes. Please do not submit an image if you do not have access to the original. 

Can I enter an artwork that has previously been exhibited or that has won a previous competition?

We are not accepting entries that have previously won a competition or that have been extensively exhibited.

I have some pieces three years old that have never been entered for competition. Is there an age limit on art works?

We haven’t put a date limit on the artworks. So long as you still have the artwork in your possession so that we can get a photo of you with the work if you are a winner, the work is eligible.


What category does my artwork fit into?

As part of the submission process this year, we will ask you to select a subject category that you artwork will fall into (Portrait/Figure, Animals, Still life/Botanical, Non-representational/Abstract, Landscape/Cityscape/Seascape and Scenes of Everyday Life). If you feel that your work fits into multiple categories then you must select the one which features most dominantly within your work. For example, if you have a painting of a person stood on a hill, then you must decide if the painting is mostly about the landscape or the figure depicted. 


Can I submit a giclee print of my work? I.e. The original has sold but I still have reproduction prints of the piece that can be submitted if needed.

No - reproduction prints are not accepted. The work needs to be the original painting.

Can I submit an original print? For example, Screen Print, Lino cut, Etching, lithography or Collagraph print or any other form of relief print or intaglio print?

Yes you can.

I am a photographer. Can I submit a photographic art work (for example a digital or film photograph)?

No. Photography is not accepted in this competition.

Can I use photography as part of my process?

Yes - if photography is part of the process of making the work it's accept. Pure photography or digitally edited photography is not eligible.

Should I include the mount or frame in the photo of my work?

No. Images of art work that include the frame, mount, wall or any other background surface will be disqualified from the competition. Please only submit straight on, tightly cropped images that display only the art work.

Is a woodburned piece acceptable?

As long as it is a 2 dimensional artwork we would accept it.

Is monoprint allowed?

Yes, we are accepting monoprints.

Are paper collages allowed?

We would be happy to accept paper collage within the competition. 

I paint with wool – would that be eligible?

As long as it is still flat and not a 3D object we would be happy to accept it as a painting or drawing medium. 

Can it be a painting with clay on it?

A painting with texture is fine as long as it isn’t a completely 3D object.

Are encaustic wax works accepted?

As encaustic wax is often combined with oil paint, we are happy to accept that as a medium for this competition.

I will be entering a oil painting which will have some gold leaf on it, is that ok?

Mixed media works are accepted providing they meet the criteria of being original 2-dimensional artworks in any painting or drawing media. An oil painting with gold leaf would be accepted into the competition.

Is there a specific size or theme for pieces or is it just up to the artists?

There is no theme or size restrictions for pieces you wish to enter for Jackson’s Open Painting Prize, however please keep in mind that if you are shortlisted you will have to post your work to us for the exhibition at the Hampstead Affordable Art Fair. View more about posting your work for the Shortlist Exhibition.

I paint landscapes in oils on slate, mdf and artist palettes is this allowed?

Any 2 dimensional substrate would be accepted.

What files will you accept, what’s the maxmium MB that an image can be?

The maximum file size for each photo is 3MB. You can upload 1 photo per entry and we will be accepting jpegs, jpgs and png files.

What about paintings with some texture on it, are they permitted or does it have to be completely flat and strictly 2D?

Many would argue that no painting is completely flat, a painting with texture is fine as long as it isn’t a completely 3D object.


I’m currently living and working outside the UK. Is the competition open worldwide?

We are accepting entries from all over the world. The initial entry process is online, as is the longlist gallery. If you are shortlisted you will be asked to deliver your artwork to our head office at Farleigh Place, London within 7 days of the request.

Is the competition free for OAPs or students?

To keep it fair throughout the entrants and competition we have stated a flat £5 entry fee per artwork so unfortunately there are no discounts. We’ve increased the prize fund significantly from last year and we feel that the cost of submission reflects this.

Are there any age or educational limitations?

Any artist of any age can enter the competition, no matter what their previous experience and artistic education.

If I'm asked to send my work, does it have to be framed?

Yes. If you are asked to send us your work please send it framed and ready to be hung in an exhibition.