‘Grey Drift 3’ by Graham Crowley
Oil on canvas
91cm x 121cm

2nd Prize – Winner of £500 Cash & £500 worth of Jackson’s Art Gift Vouchers

‘Grey Drift 3’ by Graham Crowley

Illusion and reflection.

Judge's Comments (Catharine Davison): I really enjoy Graham Crowley’s work. At first sight the simplicity in the graphic nature and pop colours mean you do not see the beautiful mark making in the reflections. There is a playfulness in the imagery and how the shapes and forms work together – both on the surface and creating depth.

Oil on canvas
H 91cm x W 121cm

Website: https://www.grahamcrowley.co.uk/

‘Flower Arranging (1)’ 
Graham Crowley
Oil on Canvas
178cm x 152cm

Graham Crowley describes himself as a post-conceptual painter, seeing painting as a discourse and not a means of producing commodities to be liked, bought or matched with the right sofa. His work is a means of exploring big questions; some that arise out of the very act of painting and others that arise out of the current social, political and broader cultural situation that Crowley sees himself in. Crowley’s work is currently full of juxtapositions brought about by the push and pull of polar concepts that fascinate the painter; illusion and reality, authenticity and synthesis, the academic and the human...

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