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Hugo Grenville’s career as a painter began in the late 1980’s after time spent as an Officer in the Coldstream Guards as well as in advertising at leading firm J. Walter Thompson. But it was not until he witnessed first hand the work of the Fauvists in a major exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris in 1999 that his work became more colourful than the life he leads! Today he is best known for work that is bathed in colour and light – from pattern filled interiors accented with the purity of a graceful nude, to huge exotic Mediterranean landscapes, to the explosion of colour you see in his many flower paintings.

‘Return of the Light, Spring II’ by Hugo Grenville Oil on Canvas 46″ x 38″

‘Return of the Light, Spring II’ by Hugo Grenville
Oil on Canvas
46″ x 38″

Lisa: What inspires you to paint?

Hugo: I am inspired to paint what I see all around me: the interior of my home, my garden, the view of the street, the decorative objects in my studio, the vases of flowers sitting on studio tables. What I am really painting is the feelings that I associate with these places, and with these objects, and how the light and colour of their surfaces affects my mood, and sometimes sets off memories. Occasionally I venture to Southern Europe, where I seek the same things, but soaked in greater colour, and illuminated by that sun drenched light.

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