James Hobbs - Artist & Writer

James Hobbs is a freelance editor, author and artist who has written several books about drawing, including Sketch Your World and Pen and Ink. He has freelanced for such publications as the Guardian, the Art Newspaper and New Statesman, and is a former editor of Artists & Illustrators magazine. He is on the advisory board of Urban Sketchers, and part of its editorial team. He lives in Stoke Newington, London, with his wife and two daughters. 

 ‘Riverside, Battersea, London’ by James Hobbs marker pen and watercolour 15x21cm

 ‘Riverside, Battersea, London’ by James Hobbs
marker pen and watercolour

Lisa: You write about art as well as make it – does the writing and making have a relationship? Do you think they support one another?

James: They are both very important to me, but I’m not sure what their relationship is. They live together, in harmony mostly, although from time to time one holds more sway than the other.

Lisa: What’s your favourite medium to work with?

James: My favourite medium changes from time to time. Now I usually carry around thick black marker pens and fairly small sketchbooks. I like the limitations this combination presents: there’s no getting bogged down in details, which don’t interest me. I’ve also gone back to using bottled ink – just black, blue and green at the moment – and using them in the same urgent way.

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