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Director, Curator & Publisher

Jennifer moved to the UK from Manhattan in 1997 when Sotheby’s auction house transferred her from its New York office to become Senior VP & Head of Marketing for Europe.  After a decade in this role, Jennifer went on to serve for five years as Managing Director of the prestigious Lisson Gallery, prior to becoming COO of Karla Otto, an international luxury marketing and communications agency.

As well as leading the Affordable Art Fair team in the UK, Jennifer is Director of the After Nyne Creative Services Group, curating exhibitions for its Holland Park gallery and is publisher of the
After Nyne magazine

Visitors at the    Affordable Arts Fair

Visitors at the Affordable Arts Fair

Clare: How important do you think awards and competitions are for artists today?

Jennifer: They are extremely important – I have seen artists’ careers hugely benefit from the visibility and prominence that awards and prizes provide, often catapulting them to the next level of their career. These types of prizes can legitimize their work and mean that they may be more likely to be noticed by high profile galleries and museums.

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