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Karl Bielik lives and works in London. His paintings have been in numerous shows at home and abroad, including the 2016 John Moores Painting Prize, the Royal Academy Summer Show, the Contemporary British Painting Prize and The London Open. He currently has work touring China as part of 'Contemporary Masters from Britain' and a solo show at The Rochester Art Gallery in Kent.

He is the Founder and Director of Terrace Gallery and Studios. Bielik also writes and performs in Lark who are signed to Standard Lamp Records.

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Karl Bielik
Oil on linen on panel
45x35 cms

Lisa: What are you working on at the moment?

Karl: I’m working in a series of collages of oil on cardboard which I started after I had hung my solo show and felt like exploring something new… I had been going through all my paintings to choose work for the show and it was overkill but had come across some old collages from early 2000 and thought id see where they might end up… plus the usual suspects of large paintings, a few small ones and a selection of works on paper. That’s a pretty normal state of affairs in my studio.

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