Luci Noel joined the Affordable Art Fair team in a temporary role in 2011 and never looked back! She is now the Fair Director of both the Hampstead and Battersea Autumn Collection, and brings an infectious enthusiasm to every event. Luci completed an undergraduate degree in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins, and an MA in Arts Policy and Management (with a specialism in curating) at Birkbeck. Following graduation, Luci reluctantly left her bar job and focused her career in the arts.

Together with the team, she strives to support artists and gallerists who share a common ethos of introducing emerging talent to the art world. Her days are spent juggling the large-scale production of the fairs with developing exciting new areas for both Hampstead and Battersea. Luci’s own taste in art leans particularly towards expansive and vacant landscapes, which she sees as wistful escapism from her busy London life.

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Romily Alice Walden at The Affordable Art Fair Battersea October 2017 (photograph: Guy Bell)

Romily Alice Walden at The Affordable Art Fair Battersea
October 2017
(photograph: Guy Bell)

Lisa: I’ve heard you have a collection of art yourself. Can you tell us which piece in your collection is your absolute favourite and why?

Luci: This is always such a hard one! My modest collection is vast in aesthetic, style and concept. Every morning I wake up to a beautiful photograph, ‘Monday Dreams of Sunday’, by Barry Cawston represented at the fair by The Drugstore Gallery – its moody melancholy, balanced by sharp rays of light breaking the cloud sets the tone for the day to come. Two years ago I finally took the plunge with an artist I had been lusting over for many moons and took home a Henrietta Dubrey. Albeit a small and intimate work by Henrietta, her elegant figure still manages to jump off of the canvas with bright and thoughtfully applied luscious paint.

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