'Eniola Sokalu' by Mark Roscoe
Oil on Linen
26″ x 36″ inches.

1st Prize – Winner of £5,000

‘Eniola Sokalu’ by Mark Roscoe

Judges' Comments:

Nick Archer: ‘Powerful portrait’

Catharine Davison: ‘Successful photorealistic portrait. Lovely silky finish in the muted colour amongst the- darks, browns, blues and lilacs yet it is filled with colour. I like the domestic setting.’

Oil on Linen
26″ x 36″ inches.

Website: http://www.markroscoe.com/

Mark Roscoe will also be one of our expert judges for JOPP 2018

‘Lord Menzies, Judge of the Supreme Courts of Scotland’
Mark Roscoe
Oil on Linen

Christine: You’ve painted some notable subjects within your career, is there anything in particular that draws you towards capturing recognisable faces?

Mark: Most of the people I paint are “famous in their field” types, successful people being honoured and remembered by their College or institution but they are seldom recognisable to the general public. When I’m commissioned to paint someone I must take into account three things, how I see them, how others see them and how they see themselves. The only way to make a great work of art is for the artist to paint his/her own vision but with this approach you risk falling behind with the bills. I try to combine all three elements with every commissioned portrait so that they are universally recognisable and to keep everyone happy.

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