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Jean Haines is a well-renowned watercolourist who is represented by many galleries across the UK including the Mall Galleries, Frame Gallery and Montpellier Gallery. Her practice focuses on working immediately without preliminary drawings, letting the paint flow freely. She has published 5 books and sells her own range of Kolinsky Sable Brushes.


Beauty of Venice - Private Collection
Jean Haines
74 X 94 Cms

Julie: How would you describe your artistic practice, how you approach art over-all?

Jean Haines: I work in a loose interpretative style, capturing the essence of a subject with stunning colour combinations. I studied Chinese brushwork whilst living in Asia so the freedom of working without the use of a preliminary sketch enables me to bring life into my results that would be restricted otherwise by pencil lines. I fall in love with a subject initially, then with a few simple brushtrokes tell the story in a way that is pleasing. And I am a watercolour addict!

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